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Thread: Dock toolbar already built into Vista!!

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    Default Dock toolbar already built into Vista!!

    Do you want a screen dock without paying or downloading new software?
    Many people may not be aware that vista comes pre installed with a similar service.

    1. Create a new folder anywhere, lets say 'My Documents' folder.
    2. now drag the folder to the edge of the screen where you want the dock. (not the side where the Taskbar is.
    3. your done!

    All that's left to do is place Icons into the folder created in 'My Documents' folder and they will appear on your dock. You can also just drag and drop into the dock too if you wish.

    There are a few options too;

    Show Text
    Show Title
    View -> Large Icons
    View -> Small Icons
    Always on Top

    (I am a little annoyed as I payed for mine )

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    well thats interesting mate. but since im using objectdock the free version ill keep that. wow glad i didnt buy the paid version

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    I used this Vista toolbar for a while. But now I prefer to use the AppLauncher in the sidebar. If you have the sidebar anyhow, you can save the extra space that the docked toolbar takes. But for people who do not use the sidebar, that is a good alternative.

    PS: Just make sure you push the repository folder all the way to the edge of the screen. You may have to try a couple of times.

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    Something similar to Create a XP style Toolbar in Vista ? Thanks for bringing this up. Its cool and doesnt require any resources. Hope v3Loc1ty is reading this

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    used to have it in xp

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