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Thread: How to customize the Command Prompt window

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    Default How to customize the Command Prompt window

    I have made a little tutorial Cmd Tutorial on Vimeo on how to beautify this awfully ugly Cmd window. It is 7 minutes long.

    You can go here at to see it in FULL SCREEN.

    The "Full Screen" control is on the bottom right of the little display window. For downloading, go to the bottom right of the webpage.

    Note a small detail: towards the end I mention the UAC prompt window. But my capture program somehow did not capture it, although it was on the screen. It probably knows how much some people do not like to be prompted by UAC - LOL.
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    The cmd is something we just accept it 'as is' but we can customize the cmd ! But your video tutorial was really informative .... thanks a lot for that !

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    LOL, never knew it could be done

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    i'll check that out ....

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