Technet has published a couple of tips on Windows 7, these include:

  • Install Windows 7 Alongside Windows Vista for a Dual Boot System
  • Turn Off Security Messages and Other System Notifications in Windows 7
  • Use Windows 7 to Manage Windows Server 2008 R2 Servers
  • Encrypt Removable USB Drives with BitLocker To Go on Windows 7
  • Prepare and Service Windows Images Using the New DISM Tool
  • New User State Migration Toolkit (USMT) Features for Windows 7
  • Easier Troubleshooting Support with Problem Step Recorder
  • Shrink and Simplify OS Images with Dynamic Driver Provisioning
  • Shake Windows off Your Desktop
  • Pin Files, Folders, and Favorites to the Taskbar in Windows 7 beta 1
  • Burn a Disc Image from an ISO or IMG file in Windows 7
  • Work Faster with New Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7 beta 1

The articles have screen shot illustrations & are quite comprehensive.

Windows 7 beta 1 Tips