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Thread: How to use 'Remote Assistance' in Live Messenger

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    Default How to use 'Remote Assistance' in Live Messenger

    My PerfectDisk® Competition Thread.

    This tutorial explains how to use the ''Remote Assistance'' option in 'Windows Live Messenger' version 2009 (Build 14.0.8064.206)

    Have you ever needed help or been asked for help by a family member, friend or work colleague but not been able to help as its difficult to get to there PC Where you are??

    Well Microsoft to the rescue with 'Remote Assistance'.

    As simple as 1,2,3 its the easy way to help without leaving your home or desk.

    Download Live messenger here... Messenger - Windows Live

    First off make sure you both have each others contact in 'Live Messenger'.

    1. The person who needs the help must send the 'Request to Remote Assistance' this is found in the 'Activities' tab at the top of the message box.

    2. Once sent the person doing the helping will receive an invitation to 'Remote Assistance'. Select 'Accept'.

    3. Then a password will need to be added by the person who needs the help.

    4. The helper then needs to confirm by putting the password into their box.
    (The password can be given over the phone or by sending it over 'Live Messenger'

    5. Now the two computers will connect. (The time and response depends on connection).

    6. If the helper wishes they can request control of the other PC. The person who needs the help must confirm this and it is their choice to allow you administrative rights or not by putting a tick in the box before accepting control.

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    Nice-n-useful Thanks.

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    Yes very helpful thanks for the post

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    Running Win 7. Sorry, but I can't even get through Step 1! Where is the "message box" you refer to?
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