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Thread: Basis on which editions of Windows are categorised

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    Lightbulb Basis on which editions of Windows are categorised

    To the uninitiated, one of the most challenging things about Windows Vista is the number of editions it comes in. Each edition, or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), is aimed at a particular target audience, and each edition has a particular price point. on the basis of following terms or specifications the edition are differentiated.

    Active Directory Domain - Active Directory directory service domains are rarely used in the home environment but are common in medium and large enterprises. Active Directory domains require a computer running a Windows server operating system.

    Aero - The new Windows Vista or 7 graphical user interface (GUI), which is more efficient and aesthetically pleasing than the Windows XP or Windows 2000 interfaces.

    Media Center - Allows a computer to play live and recorded standard and HDTV, movies, music, and pictures all through a single application.

    Full Hard Drive Encryption - Enables a hard disk drive to be encrypted on the volume level rather than at the individual file and folder level.

    Tablet PC capacity - The ability to run on a Tablet PC and accept pen-based input from the screen.

    Multiprocessor support - The ability to use more than one processor.

    Parental controls - Allows parents to restrict the websites and games that their children’s user accounts can access.

    Add more if anyone finds.

    Source | MS Press training kit for windows vista

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    Premium Games (Home Premium and Ultimate only).

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    Windows Movie Maker in HD (Home Premium and Ultimate).

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    Remote Desktop (Business & Ultimate)

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    Windows Fax and Scan (Business & Ultimate)

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    Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore (Business & Ultimate)

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    Ultimate Extras (available exclusively for Windows Vista Ultimate users only)

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