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Thread: PowerPoint uploads to authorSTREAM

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    Default PowerPoint uploads to authorSTREAM

    This is going to be short. Therefore I did not make it a full blown tutorial.

    If you are looking for a site to upload your PowerPoint Presentations and Photo Albums, authorSTREAM will fit the bill. It is very simple to sign up and off you go uploading. Most times it is very fast, but a few times they must have been very busy and it took longer. There are a few things to remember.

    1. If you have sound/music, it must be put into the PP slideshow with the "Animations" facility (not as "Insert"). And that requires a .wav file. Anything else will not show upstream.
    2. Once your PP show is uploaded, you can have it convertd to an .mp4 movie which you can download. But this does not seem to work all the time. My current success rate is 50%.
    3. The quality for both the on-line PP show and the movie conversion is very good.

    That's all there is to know. I have uploaded these examples that you can check out regarding quality (best in full screen). Odd Ways to Park a Car Ppt Presentation and also this Voyages, Voyages Ppt Presentation

    authorSTREAM Online PowerPoint Presentations and Slideshow Sharing

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