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Thread: How to Reduce the Silverlight App size

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    Thumbs up How to Reduce the Silverlight App size

    Optimize your Silverlight applications (XAP files) with ComponentOne XapOptimizer. This stand-alone utility processes your XAP files and generates an optimized Silverlight application 30-70% smaller than the original XAP file size. Without any loss in functionality, you get an application with improved start-up time, thus reducing network traffic.

    Key Features:

    * Integrate XapOptimizer as part of the build process in Microsoft Visual Studio to automatically optimize your XAP files.
    * Reduce the size of your XAP files by 30-70%.
    * Obfuscate your code.
    * Use XapOptimizer with any Silverlight assembly including third party components; is not restricted to ComponentOne components.

    Try it | Read more

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    thats interesting, nice find hari, it will be helpful to silverlight devs....

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    An interesting find.

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