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Thread: Article: Ars Technica System Guide: April 2009 Edition

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    Default Article: Ars Technica System Guide: April 2009 Edition

    It's been a long time coming, but the ARS Technica System Guide is finally back. There are some major changes this time around, but you might be surprised at the nature of some of the upsets. As always, the Budget Box, the Hot Rod, and the God Box span the full spectrum of price and performance.

    Choice appears to be the hallmark of this edition of the System Guide. Both the Budget Box and Hot Rod have excellent choices from Intel and AMD available in the CPU and motherboard selection, running the gamut from low to high end. Combine this with continued jumps in video card performance from both NVIDIA and AMD, and we end up with lots of choice in both the Budget Box and Hot Rod.

    Read More Here:

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    ... a very detailed guide !

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    a very, very detailed guide but great content thanks for this. I shall get around to reading it fully when I can

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    thats cool, for more detailed infos on system hardware, follow the link below:

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