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Thread: Get Updates From Websites Which Don't Have RSS Feeds

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    Default Get Updates From Websites Which Don't Have RSS Feeds

    There are a lot of sites which donít have RSS feeds to notify you of new content updates. For example, it will be very helpful if you could get an update whenever your favorite music download website gets updated. So, I will tell you three ways to do it.

    Update Scanner - Firefox Add-on

    Update Scanner is a Firefox addon which will display a notification window when a change in a website is detected. Click on the blue up-arrow on the bottom status bar to show the Update Scanner sidebar. Webpages that have been updated are shown in bold. Alternative to this is Page Update Checker.

    Download Link
    More Info

    ChangeDetection - Online Service to Send Email Updates

    ChangeDetection is a online service which will send you email updates if a website is updated. Youíll just need to provide the URL of the website and your email id. Then it will send you a confirmation mail to your email. Once confirmed, it will ask you to choose a password and now it will send you email updates.

    Ponyfish - Online Tool to Create RSS Feeds

    Ponyfish is a online tool which lets you create RSS Feeds for pages that do not have any. It lets you customize your RSS feeds the way you want, which is very good. After the Feed is created you can use it with any Feed Reader you are using. Alternative to this is Feed43 for advanced users.


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    Another well written and informative post. I am glad that you gave alternatives. Very well done

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    Very interesting, thank you
    the first link you provided is not a compatible FF 3.0 add on, but I think you know it
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