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Thread: Hide one or more drives of your Computer from appearing in Windows Explorer

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    Arrow Hide one or more drives of your Computer from appearing in Windows Explorer

    There are two ways to hide drive letters that appear in My Computer i.e. Registry Editor and Group Policy Editor.

    Method 1: Via Registry Editor
    1.) Open Registry Editor (Start > Run > Regedit), Navigate to String:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer.

    2.) Now create a New DWORD value and name it NoDrives. All Drive will be visible as long as the value will be 0. Set the value for NoDrives according to the following list:

    Enter the decimal number corresponding to the drives you want to hide as the NoDrives value data. When you right click on NoDrives and choose Modify, make sure you select Decimal, not Hexadecimal.
    To Hide Multiple drives, Just add the drives values. For Example: We want to hide F: and G:, then NoDrives value should be 32 + 64 = 96.

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    nice article.... you can do the same using Disk Management.

    Try it: Hide and Restrict logical drive or partition in Windows

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