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Thread: Remove old versions of Java from your PC

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    I didn't read all these post yet, but I do know that the extra can cause a conflict. I had a friend that kept having problems, when I had her remove all the older Java's, the problems never occured again. Maybe it means something or just a funny thing. I always delete the old ones and never had a problem yet.

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    Default java

    Hi Johnny.Rotton. Go to Add/Remove Programs and un-install all versions of Java then reboot. Download JavaRa. Run it to remove Sun Java remnants and download the latest version release of the application.

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    Knew I had seen it here somewhere --- downloaded and used it.
    Good to use once every while I suppose.

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    I too know about this Concept. We cant Predict not to update the Java Files. Is there any other way to choose never for updates recommended.

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