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Thread: Disable Window from auto arrange when moved to edge of screen.

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    Smile Disable Window from auto arrange when moved to edge of screen.

    The feature of Windows Seven that whenever we move any Window to the edge of screen it gets arranged automatically as like it gets maximized when moved to top edge, it gets tiled when moved to either left or right edge of the screen.
    We can easily prevent this from happening automatically. Simply follow the steps as given below:

    1. Open Control Panel.
    2. Click on Ease of Access.
    3. Click on Ease of Access Center.
    4. Click on Make the keyboard easier to use.
    5. Now Check the check box "Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen".

    OR Simply type "%systemroot%\system32\control.exe /name Microsoft.EaseOfAccessCenter /page pageKeyboardEasierToUse" in "Start Search" or "Run" dialog box to open following Window.

    Now Windows will not get automatically arranged, you can easily revert to default by unchecking the check box.

    Source: UnlockWindows

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    hi !

    THANKS !

    i was about to ask how to do it...

    thatīs one of the things i donīt like in W7.

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    Thanks for the tip, arvind. UWT2 can also be used now to disable it

    A little more on Aero Snap feature in Windows 7 | The Windows Club .

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