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Thread: Disk Cleanup

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    Default Disk Cleanup

    Good day Forum,

    Where may I get some guidance regarding what Files I may always delete and what files may be of some benefit not to always delete.
    Specifically the following files:
    Debug Dump Files
    Set Up Log Files
    System Error Memory Dump Files
    Per user Archived Windows error reporting
    System Archived Windows error reporting
    System Queued Windows error reporting

    Respectfully submitted

    Vista SP2 IE8

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    The files you listed above are perfectly fine to be deleted via Disk Cleanup. They are log files for generating error reports (as the names suggest) & are meant for maintaining a log of processes during a crash, what files crashed & other system details on the time of crash.

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    and if you want to gain some more space then in disk clean up utility click on more options tab and then delete shadow copies and system restore points....

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    Yes, as suggested, its pretty safe to delete them. If you want more options try freeware CCleaner Slim.

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