1 create an empty folder located in Documents (give it a name .. )

2 right-click the taskbar and unlock the bar by unchecking Lock the Taskbar

3 Right-click again on the taskbar, click on the item toolbar and select New Toolbar

4 From explorer select the folder you created in step 1 and click on Select Folder, automatically we will see the name given to the taskbar

5 Now, click with right mouse button on the bar and deselect Show Title. (in case we wanted to see our name to skip this step).

6 At this point we move the right cursor of the taskbar to the left to do it just by double clicking on it, execute and proceed

7 Click the cursor next to the Start button, and drag to the right, until the icons will be aligned with the center of the taskbar.

8 The final step is to lock the bar, right click on it Lock the Taskbar.