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Thread: How to hide Drives using the 'NoDrives' Registry key in Windows

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    Lightbulb How to hide Drives using the 'NoDrives' Registry key in Windows

    Ramesh.MVP just posted a nice link which I wanted to share.

    NT Drive Calculator - A calculator to find the registry value for the NoDrives Key in Windows NT for hiding specific disk drives.

    Hiding the individual physical,removable or optical drives in My computer is possible in Windows XP using the "NoDrives" registry entry. This entry hides the specified drives from My Computer, Windows Explorer, and in the Send To menu.

    More at NT Drive Calculator - The 'NoDrives' Registry Key Value Calculator

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    hmm.old trick but a useful software.

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    you can also use this Cyber-D Software: Cyber-D’s DriveHide 1.01 its free

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
    you can also use this Cyber-D Software: Cyber-Dís DriveHide 1.01 its free
    Does this work with Win7 ? I have a strange issue on a Win7 notebook Samsung I helped configure. for no obvious reason, an extra disk has appeared, Q:, that points to really nothing. At reboot, it is not there, but appears after some time (I think). Is this a known problem by chance ?

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