If you have noticed that when you are playing any music files on Windows Media Player and while playing if you switch to a different user than that music keeps on playing, it doesn’t stops by its own, where it should be, but Microsoft doesn’t feels the same for sure, that’s why they have kept this feature in Windows Media Player 12 also.

But with that said, they have also provided a way to stop the playback if you like. So if this background playback annoys you when you have switched to different user, than follow the below method to fix this problem.

For those who never experienced this problem, open Windows Media Player and play any music file, now switch to any different user and you will find out that your music file is still playing, so you feel it’s a Gift – but it’s not because you can’t change the song, you can’t stop it, pause it from here you have to switch back again to your previous user and then you have access to all controls to pause, stop etc. To me it’s very annoying, so for those who want to stop this background playback follow the below steps to stop it.

1. Open Windows Media Player

2. Press ALT to show Menubar

3. Go to View > Plug-ins > Options

4. Now navigate to Player tab and in Player Settings check or tick on “Stop playback when switching to a different user”

And that’s it, click on Apply and restart Windows Media Player to see the changes.

Original Source: beingPC