Follow this steps to add music in u r profile :-

1. Login to orkut account & go to profile . You should use new orkut only. This trick is only for new orkut
2. Visit musical scrap page
3. choose song you want to add
4. I choose Bachna Ae Haseeno song click on play song. Donít use get code option
5. Just drag mouse & select only song preview area only
6. Click right click & copy it
7. Go to orkut profile & click on edit profile
8. just paste this code in about me section
9. Remove unwanted words like ę Get the Code to Scrap this Song! Ľ Just by backspace
10. save the profile
11. Hurray you have song in u r orkut profile . When u r friend visit u r profile they can hear song

Source:- How To Add Music In Orkut Profile ? | TechGopal