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Thread: Using AT command to schedule Windows shutdown

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    Default Using AT command to schedule Windows shutdown

    Schedule Windows shutdown through good old command prompt using AT.
    Got to have admin rights to do this.

    You can use any command like copy,ping etc to combine with at and get desired automation.

    Commands entered are marked in bold.

    Here is how (open command prompt with admin rights first) :

    C:\Windows\system32>at 20:00 shutdown -s
    Added a new job with job ID = 1

    Status ID Day Time Command Line
    1 Today 8:00 PM shutdown -s

    First the Windows Scheduler is set at 20:00 hrs to execute the command (shutdown -s) in this case,you can combine it with any other command too.


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    Good tip, Thank you!

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    hi ... i m using windows xp ..
    when i use the AT command just to print the echo HELLO ... the status it returns is ERROR ...
    i m not sure of the error and i don't find any logs to DEBUG
    Can some one help me here.

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