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Thread: How to create an Autorun file for your CD/DVD

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    Default How to create an Autorun file for your CD/DVD

    If you have created a program and want to let it autorun when someone insert a CD/DVD in their PC then all you need to do is burn a small file with that program.

    Say you have a “XYZ.EXE” program and you want to run it automatically when one insert your CD/DVD, than all you need to is to burn“Autorun.inf” file along with the XYZ.EXE program in the CD/DVD.

    Autorun.inf is a simple text-based configuration file that tells the operating system which executable to start, which icon to use etc. In other words, autorun.inf tells Windows how to deal open the presentation and treat the contents of the CD.

    To make your CD/DVD autorun follow the below steps -

    1. Open Notepad

    2. Now write the following line as it is -

    3. Now save it as “Autorun.inf”

    4. Now burn your CD with the autorun .inf file included.

    5. That’s it.

    Source beingPC

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    Nice...Ritesh!!! few more additions.. like icon and other context menu handlers...

    shell\admin\=&Launch the Office Customization Tool
    shell\admin\command=SETUP.EXE /admin
    shell\cmdline\=setup &Controller Command-Line Help
    shell\cmdline\command=SETUP.EXE /?

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