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Thread: 10 Tricks To Get Best Out Of Your Hard Disk

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    Default 10 Tricks To Get Best Out Of Your Hard Disk

    Hard disk performance is most important to improve your PC performance . Today I am sharing 10 tricks about hard disk speed , life & performance of your hard disk
    Follow this top 10 tricks:

    Make Hard Disk Partition

    Partitioning is method od dividing an area on disk into smaller portions of lesser capacity that can recognize by operating system . It;s not likely 2-3 hard disk instead of one - not physically

    De fragment Without Argument

    One of the easiest way to energies PC is to defragment of the hard disk . the os manage broken files in broken down in pieces called clusters which are field in order by this method

    Sweep It All Out

    Over time as you use PC , we keep piling up files on hard disk . But more than that we add clusters is a huge piling up of temporary files . To clean temporary files C:-Windows Ė temp & delete all files

    Remove Bad Sectors

    Your PC requires access to amny files from many parts of the hard disk on daily basis . A low level drive formating utility can be a good solution for this

    Remove Unused Programs & Files Regularly

    do you know that when you install any software or hardware , a numbers of invisible files are automatically loaded on your PC ?The ideal way to clear this mess is to do it manually . Just Go to control panel Ė add & remove program & remove unwanted files

    Monitor The Hard Disk

    A variety of software are available for purpose of monitoring the internal health of your hard disk So at the end of the your hard disk is so slow then u should try this software My recommendation is uniblue disk rescue

    Regularly Scan It For Error & Viruses

    Your hard disk has moving parts , which makes it vulnerable to erors . Over time clusters , parts of files can become lost & range of other nightmarish errors can occurs . It is recommended for scan disk or for virus scan

    Protect Your Data

    It happens to everyone that you delete important file . Thatís why you should use backup software to secure your files .

    Donít Mess With It

    Fidding too much to hard disk is not good idea . Donít use many diagnostics and cleaning tools on it . Itís like eating too much medicines . Stay clear with disk compression tools Ė they lower the performance of u r hard disk

    Get Organized

    Do not mixed the data & files that you create & installed program files . It is always better to create separate folders to store different subjects categories and keep yourself organized

    Source::10 Tricks To Get Best Out Of Your Hard Disk | TechGopal

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    Thanks for posting these tips, Chukali. Acronis now provides a free disk monitor that will help folks to keep an eye on their hard drive.

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    Good tips bud!

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