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Thread: How to start multiple programs with ONE click !

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    Default How to start multiple programs with ONE click !

    hi !

    How to start multiple programs with ONE click

    as we all know, you can drag a shortcut / program / file to the startup-folder, then it automatically starts when you boot.

    but, what can you do if you want a similar function for other programs / files,
    and you want to start them manually, NOT when you boot ?

    you can of course create a batch-file, like fx:

    cd "c:\windows\system32\"
    cd "c:\program files\ABCD"

    but if you want to start many programs, it will be a lot of work as you have to enter the path and also the name of every program.
    this is because most programs require that you first change to their folder BEFORE you start them, as they need access to other files in their own folder when they start.
    and if you later want to change / add files in the folder...

    and if you want drag & drop like in the startup-folder ?

    here is a simple solution:

    1. create a folder
    2. open it
    3. drag your links to programs / files into the folder
    4. create a bat-file that starts everything in the folder
    5. create a link to the bat-file, fx. on your desktop / taskbar

    i my EXAMPLE below the folder is named: "PROG1" and is located in "C:\Programs"

    the bat-file: "PROGRAMS 1":
    FOR %%X IN (C:\Programs\PROG1\*.*) DO rundll32 shell32.dll,ShellExec_RunDLL %%X

    but of course you can put your "multipleprograms-folder" where you want it.

    the "trick" is a FOR-loop that runs the same command:
    "rundll32 shell32.dll,ShellExec_RunDLL" for every link in the folder.

    the real beaty of putting LINKS in the folder is that you do NOT have to change the folder for every single program that you want to start, as the links have all the needed information.


    changed the bat-file above since its actually a bad idea to put a lot of folders on your desktop as it can slow down your computer.
    the (original) bat-file was just an EXAMPLE, showing the principle.
    i (temporarily) used a folder on my desktop while testing, i actually have all menu-folders & bat-files on "E:\System"....

    but its smarter to use a COMMON folder like fx. "C:\Programs" instead of the desktop,
    because then you can use the same bat-file & "multipleprograms-folder" on ALL accounts, both ADMIN & USER-account(s).
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    Thanks for the nice unique tutorial!

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    Nice trick! Thanks for sharing.

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    THANKS !

    im also working on a more advanced version of the bat-file with (programmable) delay, different for each program.

    too many (BIG) programs starting simultaneosly can make a computer slow or freeze, and one program might also be dependant on another that should start first.

    the first (alfa)-version is already working, but i want to add more functions and also make it more user-friendly before i post it.

    ive got a few ideas that im going to test tomorrow...

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