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Thread: Do you know how to run applications off a USB drive (Windows OS)

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    Default Do you know how to run applications off a USB drive (Windows OS)

    Hey, guys, do you have the experience of running your daily used apps off a USB drive?
    Which is I am now trying to do. But I find that only portable apps can be run like that.
    while some apps like MS office are not portably available. How can I do that?

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    hi !

    while you can install fx. Office on another disk then C:, where your operating system normally is installed, some files are installed on C:,
    like fx. your settings for email etc.
    thatīs the reason you canīt have Office on a USB-memory.

    personally i have separate disks for Operating System, Programs, Media & Documents.
    i install all programs on E:, most of them doesnīt install anything on C:, so of course those programs could be installed also on a USB-memory.

    but some Microsoft-programs, like fx. Office & MSE always install files also on C:.

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