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Thread: Windows Password Myths

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    Exclamation Windows Password Myths

    Myth: Passwords Cannot Include Spaces

    Although most users do not realize it, both Windows 2000 and Windows XP allow spaces in passwords. In fact, if you can view a character in Windows, you can use that character in a password. Therefore, spaces are perfectly valid password characters. However, due to how some applications trim spaces, it is often best not to begin or end your password with a space.

    Spaces can actually make it easier for users to come up with more complex passwords. A space is used between words therefore using spaces may encourage users to use more than one word in their passwords.

    Read more at Ten Windows Password Myths | Symantec Connect

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    Many readers will be familiar with the weaknesses in LanManager (LM) password hashes that made L0phtcrack so popular. NTLM made hashes somewhat stronger by using a longer hash and allowing both upper and lower-case letters. NTLMv2 made even more advances by computing a 128-bit key space and using separate keys for message integrity and confidentiality. It also uses the HMAC-MD5 algorithm for further message integrity. However, Windows 2000 still often sends LM or NTLM hashes over the network and NTLMv2 is also vulnerable to in-transit (also known as replay) attacks. And since LM and NTLM password hashes are still stored in the registry, you will still be vulnerable to attacks against the SAM. It will still be some time until we are completely free from the grips of LanManager. Until then, do not assume that your password hashes are safe.

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    thanks for these10 myths.very informative

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