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Thread: Useful info about How to detect remote access to the computer.

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    Exclamation Useful info about How to detect remote access to the computer.

    Recently I suspect someone has changed some settings or some remote accesses has been added to my copmputer. My friend told me that maybe those were caused by some spy software, I was worried so I search in google to find out some solutions to help me. Luckily, a quick google search bought me to this article about how to detect remote access to the computer. It's useful for me. Hope this info can help you a lot.

    Hack technology is popular lately. Ranging from showing the high tech talent, stealing information for business purpose to monitoring a naughty boy’s Face-book, the so called computer geniuses or over protective parents remotely access to others computers, carving for themselves. However, the hack behaviors are always disdained. Instead of nail-biting, is there a way to detect the remote access by others?
    Actually, there is no direct way to see if someone has been on your computer but there are some appearances when the remote access occurred.
    For instance, your cursor seems to have a life of its own, your screen locks up. Windows has a built-in remote desktop. If some one uses it to connect to your computer the screen will be locked.

    First, check in the Start Menu All Program, to see if there is a program running or something connect to the Internet in the background without your knowing.
    Check all of your icons(some may hide) and have a look what’s running . If some strange thing have been found, on this occasion, Google will be a good helper. Do a quick search, tons of related answers will pop up,check out to see if it’s a remote access program.

    If every thing is OK, do not ceasing to worry. It may happen that someone really sneaky installed a spy software that nothing shows up there. Checking for open ports could be another way. Every net connected thirty software has to link to the Windows by different information exchanging ports.

    So you can check all the open ports by going Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall, Exceptions.

    The last method, open the Windows Task Manager and unfold the Processes tab, make sure there is no processes working under a different name.

    For maintaining a safe use of your own computers, anti-virus software, such AVG,Norton,Avast, is needed for a machine with strong defending ability. Besides, scanning your computer regular is feasible.
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    1. update Windows to the newest patch
    2. change password periodically
    3. check process frequently
    4. close some services which you no use
    5. must install firewall

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