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Thread: How to reset Windows Server 2008 domain password

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    Default How to reset Windows Server 2008 domain password

    Windows Server 2008 is one of Microsoft Windows' server line of operating systems. Besides Windows 7.Windows Server 2008 are the latest and more secured versions from Microsoft. Windows Server 2008 has many new features included that system administrators of small and large companies will enjoy.

    Many use Windows 2008 server as a workstation.That means A group of computers and devices on a network that are administered as a unit with common rules and procedures.And the host computer manage these computers through its admin account and password.

    If you have lost windows 2008 server local admin password, I think it is easy for you to recover the password.But what if you have lost windows domain password? Things will get more tricky and all of the computers in the domain paralyze.These passwords also called AD password.Before solving your password problem, you need to know what is Active Directory Domain Controller.

    What is Active Directory Domain Controller?

    A domain controller is a server that is running a version of the Windows Server operating system and has Active Directory Domain Services installed.

    When you install Windows Server on a computer, you can choose to configure a specific server role for that computer. When you want to create a new forest, a new domain, or an additional domain controller in an existing domain, you configure the server with the role of domain controller by installing Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DS).

    There is the diffence bettwen Domain and local. A Windows Server domain is a logical group of computers running versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system that share a central directory database. A user may be granted access to a number of computer resources with the use of a single username and password combination.

    A Domain Controller allows password authentication throughout a network. What this means is that your password is checked on the central server no matter which machine you log in from. A Domain Controller can also control access to files and directories which can be setup so users have access to all their files no matter which machine they log in from. This also makes adding and removing users among other things much easier as all that is required is a change on the Domain Controller itself rather than every machine on a network.

    If you have lost this domain administrator password (also called AD password), it will be a tricky thing.However, Windows Password Key Enterprise can allow you to reset domain administrator password.

    Here is the steps to reset Windows server domain password

    Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key Enterprise in any available computer.

    Step 2: Run the software and insert a blank CD or USB Flash Drive to computer.

    Step 3: Select Domain Administrator and choose CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

    Step 4: Click Burn to begin bootable disk creation.

    Step 5: Insert the newly created CD/USB Flash Drive to your locked computer , but remember you need to set the bios setup , make sure the computer to boot from CD or USB.
    If you don’t know how to set BIOS, take a look this tutorial.

    Step 6: And then you can recover your Domain admin password

    Now you can log on your domain admin account and reset a new password.
    Note: This can also work in Windows Server 2000,2003

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    This method to reset Windows Server 2008 Domain Password is Quite helpful me...
    Currently I'm using Windows Server 2003, and this is also applicable to it.
    Many thanks for sharing this nice one.

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