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Thread: How to install an SSD and transfer the Operating System - Tutorial

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    Post How to install an SSD and transfer the Operating System - Tutorial

    SSDs (solid state disks) are becoming more and more popular. Prices have really been coming down and today you can get a decent 60 to 90GB SSD for $100 to $150 (in the US). That capacity is completely sufficient for the OS where the SSD has the best performance effect.

    SSDs are somewhat different to spinning disks and not every step is obvious. This tutorial explains how to install the hardware, how to setup the SSD and how to install the operating system or transfer it from your current disk.

    I was unable to flawlessly transfer my Word document to this site (the hyperlinks got lost). That is why I uploaded a PDF version to Skydrive which you can download from HERE: And since the hyperlinks are still invisible here, this is the full link ( Install an SSD and transfer the Operating - Windows Live ).

    If you have any questions, post them here. I will occasionally check.
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