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Thread: How to uninstall Windows 7

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    Default How to uninstall Windows 7

    To uninstall Windows 7, you must determine your specific installation scenario from the scenarios that are listed in this section, and then follow the steps for that scenario.

    Scenario 1: You installed Windows 7 as a new installation over an earlier version of Windows

    Scenario 2: You installed Windows 7 on a computer that did not have an operating system installed

    Scenario 3: You upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7

    Scenario 4: You have a multiboot system that has Windows 7 installed

    For a detailed set of instructions visit: KB971762.

    More links here: How to install, reinstall, upgrade or uninstall Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP | The Windows Club

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    well i solved the problem but im just wondering if anyone else had the same problem. when id go to install windows 7 it would go through the whole thing then get hung up at a certain point. i left it to do its thing and then i came back 3 hours later expecting it to be done. well i came back and it was still at the same point at where i left it. so i pressed ctrl alt delete and then all the sudden it started installing again and it was done installing about 15 minutes did the same thing with the x64 bit version aswell

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