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Thread: Error Code FFFFFFFE when you install Service Pack or any Windows Update

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    Default Error Code FFFFFFFE when you install Service Pack or any Windows Update

    When you try to install an update for Windows, including Service Pack 1, the installation fails. Additionally, you receive the following error:

    Error Code FFFFFFFE

    If you receive Windows Update error FFFFFFFE, this means that an update cannot be installed because of a problem on your computer. This problem is usually caused by a malware (malicious software) infection. To prevent your computer from becoming unstable, Windows does not install the update.

    To resolve this issue visit KB2506014.

    If your computer is infected with malware and you install Windows 7 SP1, you could encounter blue screens or a Windows Update error such as 8007f0f4 or FFFFFFFF. If malware is detected, Windows Update will be unable to install SP1.

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    Default Fix Error code FFFFFFFE

    Download this software

    Vipre rescue scanner(google it)

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    Not entirely true at all, I have spent two days and 7 hours with online microsoft logmein support to determine that my Windows 7 Home Premium unstallation CD is too old to receive the new updates including SP1, if you had a crash this can happen. To much information being put out on the simple fixes. Use Microsoft chat and logmein to fix the problem. I had did a complete fromat to my c drive in a different computer to make sure I had no Malware, hum still same porblem with fresh install and only downloading microsoft updates. To many of you are listening to this malware crap, not true. Windows has upgraded so much that old software does interrupt the new updates and sees them as a threat. Microsoft is sending a new 32/64bit updated Home Premium with SP1 on it at no charge. NO scan with repair or scan for malware will fix it, your wasting your time.

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