There may be no doubt that flash drives are the product of the decade - you'll be challenging pressed to discover a promotional product supplier that doesn't supply some form of memory to their client. Where can the regular customer purchase them? Virtually anywhere! USB sticks, memory sticks, flash drives, pen drives; call them what ever you want, but the UK has plethora of recent specialists attempting to capitalise on the popularity of the item, but FT Promotions had been one of the 1st to offer flash drives with printed logos to the promotional industry.

And let face it; the flash drive is absolutely now a commodity, no longer a "nice to have" product. And as with all commodities a price war has ensued. Buyers are targeted almost daily with mails of flash drive price lists issued by suppliers in an attempt to keep up with continually fluctuating price of flash memory.

Perhaps the most positive aspect of USB flash drives as a promotional gift is that they're almost universally welcomed by the recipient as something truly useful - a handy sizes piece of kit which they'll use nearly every single day. If you ask any recipient of USB flash drive what have you carried out with your USB memory stick, you will have a comparable answer, in my desk or in my pc. They're certainly not a give away that gets thrown away.

Memory capacities have increased over the years from moderate megabyte to gigabytes, making flash drives even a lot more appealing. There's also added promotional value to the bit you can't see of the drive you can't see. Larger memory sizes also allow for more space when uploading promotional material like brochures, multimedia and other data.

Flash drive is really a versatile, customisable program which could be installed on any regular flash drives. When the user inserts the drive in to their machine, they're greeted with a customised, branded interface which permits them to access pre loaded content on the drive. The brand and messages are incorporated into the normal function of the flash drive, as opposed to a simple and distracting pop up.

Flash drive features an integrated search tool also as its own music, photo and video players, negating the require for external, separate programs. And due to the fact all this happens in software, flash drives could be updated to maintain fresh and present design, look and content. Content may be included on any flash drive and launched making use of the cheap usb flash drive interface, such as Microsoft Word documents, Adobe Acrobat PDF files, Promotional videos - the possibilities are endless. And to make certain your buyers are appropriate up to date, the flash drive software may be replaced or update documents remotely via the web after the drives have been distributed to recipients. And of course, the cheap usb flash drives will feature an automatic link to your internet web site.

Consumer lifestyles are changing and with an increased reliance on digital gadgets and tools for things like music and videos - all of which entails files of considerable size. Flash drives offer a multitude of advantages to both the giver and receiver.