I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit) Home Premium.
I'm having a problem with album artwork showing in Library View and in the full window of Windows Media Player 12.
I have WMP Plus and WMPCD Text as plug-ins.

At Organize>Manage Libraries>Music I've added a folder containing MP3 files.
I simply want to add the appropriate album cover to each different track. I have these covers in another folder in My Documents.
With the previous version WMP 11, this proved easy. However, with WMP12...

Here's the problem:

In Library View, I click on eg 'Track 1' name>Tag Editor Plus>Pictures tab etc>Add>appropriate cover from folder as above>Apply

The artwork now shows in both Library View & when I play the 'Track 1'. So far, so good.

However, when I do the same with 'Track 2' and click 'Apply' the artwork from 'Track 1' shows beside 'Track 2', with BOTH tracks now showing the SAME artwork!

When I play 'Track 2' in 'Library View', 'Track 1's cover shows at the left and the correct cover shows top right!

When I play 'Track 2' in full window, Track 1's cover shows!

Clearly, Track 2's info is somehow not being carried over.

I've a lot of MP3 files I want to treat with their separate covers and I can't proceed till I get this sorted out.

I've even tried a rebuild of WMP 12 to see if that helped, but no...same result.

Can someone please tell me where I'm going wrong?

Many thanks