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Thread: MediaMonkey

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    Default MediaMonkey

    I am using MM V4.0.2.1462 (free version) - I am extremely new to MM.
    Although I have dscovered how to 'prevent' all music tracks from overlapping at the start/end of every track (in the DirectSound Output plug-in window), I am a little confused in how to lengthen the gap between music tracks. I originally assumed that dragging/increasing the slider switch would do the job, I found out I was mistaken (maybe I'm in the wrong window).
    Could someone please describe the process for lengthening the gaps; thanks in advance.

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    This could be your lucky day!!!

    My MM crashed earlier (don't ask, I was stoopid).

    But as far as I remember, disable the overlap feature. Its crap, How you gonna run out and get a beer?? (You did that).

    Then GoTo Tools >> Options. Under Player at the bottom you should see Silence Between Songs. Set your time and enable it. Note it sometimes clips quiet intro's / outro's. But you can't hear those anyway. Sadly it's only in seconds, and messes up "blended" tracks.

    HTH! Elmer.

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