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Thread: How to configure Sleep Mode in Windows 10/8/7

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    Default How to configure Sleep Mode in Windows 10/8/7

    That is obvious & we all know, if we leave our Widows 10/8/7 computer idle for awhile then by default it will go into sleep mode. In the sleep mode, the computer stops all processes until you get back to your system. When you are up to handle the system, it starts up again quickly from the same place it was.

    Read the detailed post here How to change Sleep settings on Windows 10

    Simply, sleep mode saves the power. In a laptop, sleep mode helps users to preserve the battery power when we are not working. We can change the amount of idle time necessary before Windows 7 puts our computer to sleep mode. Take a look:

    To customize the settings, first we have to open "Power Options". To do so, Go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options, or simply search for "Power Options" (without quotes). You will see a list of different power plans on your computer.

    The plan currently in use has a blue dot in front of it. Click "Change Plan Settings" next to the power plan currently in use. Click on the drop-down menu list, that is exactly next to "Put the Computer to sleep:". From the options, you can set the amount of idle time before entering sleep mode.

    Click "Save Changes" after modifications & you're done! Bingo!!!

    Note: Laptop users will have two drop-down menus, one for when the computer is plugged in and the other for when it is running on battery power.

    In Windows 10, You will also see the setting under Setting > System > Power & Sleep. You will see a drop-down for When plugged in, turn off after setting. Select Never and exit.
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    My Windows 7 PC is not going to sleep anymore. I've set the monitor and Windows to sleep after 10 minutes of activity. The monitor shuts off as it is set, but since the beginning of April, Windows 7 stop going to sleep and just stays on.

    I've check the settings and what is set at startup, but have not been able fix the problem. What could be causing Windows 7 to stay awake instead of going to sleep?

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