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Thread: System Restore Windows 7 - Element Not Found Error While Creating Restore Points

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    Default System Restore Windows 7 - Element Not Found Error While Creating Restore Points

    Installed Ubuntu on the computer containing Windows 7 only to see that the system restore was turned off. When I tried to turn it on, it gave error: Element Not Found. I restarted the computer and again tried by adjusting the amount of placeholder for system restore. Still the same error saying Element Not Found.

    Could not find anything related on the Internet upon searching with the keywords System Restore Error - Element Not Found - Windows 7. Finally, thought of going ahead myself. When it says element not found, it conveys there is some problem with the system file that stores the settings of System Restore. And since the problem came up after I installed Ubuntu on another drive, I could think of two things: either the table entry of system restore file is corrupt or the entire system restore datafile is deleted or corrupt.

    This is how I resolved the issue:

    1. Opened Run dialog (Press Windows key + R)
    2. Type SFC /scannow
    3. Got a command prompt window showing me the progress of SFC command

    The SFC command checks for your system files on Windows 7 and corrects the table entries in whatever file Windows stores information about system files. I guess it is called the file allocation table but am not sure.

    Anyway, upon completion of SFC, I went ahead and deleted all existing restore points to make sure Windows 7 creates a new datafile for system restore.

    I was then able to turn on System Restore and create restore points. Sharing my experience here so that people might benefit if they face the system restore error saying: Element not Found.

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    Thanks for the useful tip, and welcome here Arun!

    Yeah - the system file checker can a life-saver at times!

    Should anyone need need more on troubleshooting system restore, check these links:
    Fix: System Restore not working in Windows 7 and Vista
    System Restore Points deleted or missing in Windows 7 - Troubleshoot and Fix!

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