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Thread: Missing Synthetic Recorder in Windows 7? Here is How to Find it

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    Default Missing Synthetic Recorder in Windows 7? Here is How to Find it

    Windows XP had a cool feature called synthetic recorder mixer that allowed you to record any sounds played on your computer. That is, if you were streaming any music from the web, you need not download it. You could simply set the default Windows Sound Recorder or any other program like Sound Forge, Audacity to record from this synthetic mixer and create a local wav version of the music.

    This option was discontinued in Vista and later operating systems. When I felt the need to record sound from motherboard/sound card, I noticed that the option is not there in the recording volume control. Upon digging up a little, I found that the option is disabled and hidden in Windows 7. To enable recording using the synthetic mixer or to record whatever sound is playing on your computer, enable the option. Here are the steps:

    1. Right click the volume control icon in system tray.
    2. Select Recording Devices
    3. In the resulting dialog, you should see Mixer.
    4. Right click on the option and click on Enable This Device. If you do not see the option to enable or if the Mixer is missing, you are not using the original device drivers for your motherboard and sound card. Windows has its own versions that it installs in most cases. You can go to the site of your motherboard and/or sound card manufacturer and download to install the drivers. You can then repeat steps 1-4 here.
    5. Select Mixer and click Set Default to use it for recording.

    You should now be able to record any sound being played on your computer - without need for microphones.
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