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Thread: Synaptics Touchpad Wont Work Properly After Uninstalling Scrybe

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    Cool Synaptics Touchpad Wont Work Properly After Uninstalling Scrybe

    After installing Synaptics touchpad with Scrybe workflow technologies, I found there is not much use for Scrybe gesture technology on a Windows 7 machine. For those new to it, read our review and video tutorial on Synaptic Scrybe at Windows Club.

    I could see that Windows 7 considered it two different items as the Add/Remove Features was showing Synaptics touchpad driver as a separate entry than that of Synaptics Scrybe. I removed the latter, keeping the touchpad driver. That particular session was fine and I assumed all set. But whenever I boot from cold state or even a reboot, I found the touchpad was not working properly. It will not provide me with my settings for: edgemotion, coasting, or even gliding and bounce. Even the speed I set up under mouse of control panel was not functional. Normally, I keep the speed at maximum to save on effort and then, one of my time saving option: Automatically goto default button or something like that so that the pointer is already at default buttons while working.

    Reinstalling Scrybe would mean keeping another program in the memory already hogged by Outlook and Tweetdeck kind of programs. Tried to reinstall the driver only without Scrybe but it dint happen as I got error messages each time I tried - saying my touchpad was not compatible.

    Weird that when I opened control panel, mouse, the touchpad would work properly, with all my preferred settings. That meant something was stopping Windows 7 from loading my preferences. I simply checked the box against "Display static icon in taskbar" to make sure it loaded my preferences whenever Windows started. AND IT WORKS. I could also have selected "Display animated icon..." but I suppose such icons take up more memory?!

    Shared it here as I felt you can use this trick before going for other troubleshooting steps - saving yourself the stress of installing drivers and rebooting the computer. Let me know if it helped you too.
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