Hello guys

I have a Roku media player, Windows 7 PC, and 2Wire 2701 HG-T router (settings cannot be changed due to DSL provider). This router also broadcasts Wi-Fi throughout the house. My Windows 7 PC is connected to the router via Ethernet cable. My PC has no wi-fi card however I will buy one if needed. I also use TunnelBear VPN.

What I want to do:

I live overseas, and want to see Amazon videos. To do this, I want to tell my Roku player to connect via wi-fi to my VPN, installed on my computer. It talks directly to the router presently. However since the router and computer are based overseas, it has a non-USA IP address.

The VPN is on my computer, there is no physical VPN nor anyway to install one on my router itself.

Any help is appreciated