Issue: When using Windows 8 Application Launcher, in Windows Embeded 8, to automatically start a Windows 8 Modern App at logon, it may take several seconds to start the app if no Windows 8 Application Launcher module settings are configured.

Cause: This can occur if the image was created by using Image Builder Wizard (IBW) or if the Windows 8 Application Launcher module was added in Image Configuration Editor (ICE) without configuring any of the Windows 8 Application Launcher module settings.

Effect: There will always be a non-zero delay between logon and the specified Windows 8 app starting where the Windows 8 Start screen will temporarily be visible. The delay may expose the Windows 8 Start screen for up to 10 seconds before the specified app is started. This could be a potential security risk for a locked down device.

Workaround: You have two options!

1. When using ICE to create an image that includes Windows 8 Application Launcher, include some non-null settings in your configuration. These settings can be modified later by using the Windows 8 Application Launcher WMI providers.

2. Manually set the following registry key after your device has been deployed:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Exp lorer\Serialize\Startupdelayinmsec

Give Startupdelayinmsec a DWORD value of 0.

If the Startupdelayinmsec is not present, you need not do anything. No need to create it and give it a value '0'.

Source: Windows Embeded 8 Release Notes.