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Thread: See More Files And Folders On Another Network Computer

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    Default See More Files And Folders On Another Network Computer

    If you have two machines that both are at least Windows Vista, follow these steps:

    1. Connect the two computers so that they are seen on the network

    2. Open a command prompt

    3. Type:

    mklink /d /j C:\Users\(Name) C:\

    *Replace (Name) with whatever you want and substitute the second C with the drive you want to see

    4. Use the other machine

    5. Open Windows Explorer

    6. Click Network (on the left)

    7. Open the computer with the (Name) folder

    8. Open the "Users" folder

    9. Open the (Name) folder (you now have access to another machine's folders and files)

    Typically, you can only see the "Users" folder of the other computer linked to your network. Please spread the news about this tip.
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