Before getting into the details of this CryptoLocker Decryption Tool, let us first understand the term Cryptolocker. It is basically a dreadful bit of malware that encodes the documents on your machine and holds them ransom. On the off chance that you don't pay for a code to open the records, you don't get them back.

FireEye and Fox-IT as of late dispatched a tool to help users recover their documents. If Cryptolocker has not yet caused any trouble to your stuff, you need not to worry about anything. However, in case you are facing Cryptolocker issues, there is a Decryptolocker to help you out.

Decryptolocker permits you to email itself an encoded record, after which it will send you an expert decoding key and tool to free your documents. The keys it is utilizing are focused around the first form of Cryptolocker, so it won't generally have the capacity to help with fresher variations.

However, you better restore your documents from a backup and make use of the defense mentioned over here.

If you want to experience the practical working of Decryptolocker, visit its website.