Over the years Microsoft has managed to break computers with updates, though not intentionally of course. However, it's generally wise to wait just a bit after Patch Tuesday and keep an eye out for reports of any problems that other customers are experiencing. It's generally safe, but you can never be too cautious.

Now those who have stayed behind, clinging to Windows 7, seem to be on the receiving end of just such an incident. If users of the TechNet forums are to be believed, and there's no reason to suspect otherwise, then KB3033929 could wreak a bit of havoc with Windows 7 systems.

The message boards have lit up with pleas to the company -- "Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3033929). Installation date: ‎3/‎11/‎2015 8:57 AM. Installation status: Failed. Error details: Code 80004005. Update type: Important. A security update. . . I can't find any info on this error. Tried the update twice and both times it failed".

Others chimed in stating similar issues, and other tech help forums have followed suit. "Failed for me too on a Dell Optiplex 790 with Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit", and the like. Various fixes have been suggested, but were met with responses like "I tried to manually install with the link of Carey Frisch, it didn't work. I'm always stuck on 72 percent".

This seems to be only causing problems for 64 bit users, though that's likely a fair amount these days. This appears to be only some users, so it is possibly based on software and configuration. There has been no word from Microsoft as of yet, but we'll update you if something comes along.