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Thread: Windows 10 1511 November Update downloading or installation stuck? Best to wait!

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    Default Windows 10 1511 November Update downloading or installation stuck? Best to wait!

    Microsoft released Windows 10 1511 November Update.

    Several people were reporting that its downloading/installation was stuck at 32%, 40% or 44%.

    The solution suggested at Microsoft Forums was:

    1. Check if you have an SD card inserted. If yes, remove it, and the update should be able to progress beyond this spot. If user needed the SD card for additional disk space, check for a USB/Mini-USB port available that they can use instead for the upgrade.
    2. Try freeing up some disk space off the hard drive.

    But it did not help many.

    Apart from this, The Windows PowerShell also appeared to have been broken. Commands which was meant to reinstall the Windows Store and its apps, deleted the app folders and broke them instead. PowerShell Direct no longer connected to any Virtual Machines too. There were some problems with BitLocker encryption and Windows Activation too.

    Microsoft today pulled down this November Update for Windows 10 from both the Media Creation Tool and Windows Update.

    If you are unable to install it now, it is best you wait for Microsoft to fix the issue. If you have not installed it till now, you will have to wait till it is offered to you via Windows Update.

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    you can disable getting new preview builds from Settings > Update & security > Advanced Options to enable Windows 10 to get the November update. While the software giant keeps investigating the issue and offers a permanent solution, it recommends users to remove the SD card from their computers, before proceeding with the install.

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