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Thread: Speed up creation of System Backup Images & Reduce their size in Windows

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    Default Speed up creation of System Backup Images & Reduce their size in Windows

    Delete unneeded files:
    the hibernate-file (hiberfil.sys) & the OneNote-cache (if you use OneNote...)

    Reduce the size of the
    pagefile to a minimum, or move it to another partition.

    Delete hiberfil.sys

    Turn off hibernation:
    Start CMD ( as Admin)
    Type: powercfg -h off

    Moving the pagefile
    or reducing the size

    Change the location of the pagefile by creating another partition for it.

    If you donīt want to do that you can:
    change the size of the pagefile to a minimum-value

    create the backup
    restore the page file to itīs original size afterwards.

    Delete the OneNote-cache

    Start OneNote
    File -- Options -- Save & Backup
    Look under Cache file location: Copy the path
    Close OneNote
    Start a filemanager
    Paste the path into the addressbar
    Delete the cache-folder (14.0 in OneNote 2010)

    Create the system-backup.
    When itīs finished, turn hibernation on again:
    Start CMD ( as Admin)
    Type: powercfg -h on

    If you deleted the OneNote-cache:
    Next time you start OneNote you will not see all sections immediately, there will be a short delay while OneNote recreates the cache.

    Some calculation examples of the savings on my computer

    hiberfil.sys = 7.7 GB
    OneNote-cache = 1.9 GB
    Pagefile = 12.5 GB (located on another partition)

    Original size of the system-partition:

    (including pagefile) = 38.3 GB

    (excluding pagefile) = 26.6 GB
    After deleting hiberfil.sys and the OneNote-cache = 16.2 GB

    The system-partition is now 2/3 of the original size ! (16.2 / 26.6)
    If i also include moving the pagefile to another partiton in the calculation,
    itīs now less than half the original size (42%) ! (16.2 / 38.3)

    This means that creating the backup-image (and restoring the system from it...) is now faster, and the resulting image smaller.....
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    Nice tips.

    One should also run Disk Cleanup Utility to free up hard disk space.

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