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Thread: List of Windows Store error codes, descriptions, resolution

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    Default List of Windows Store error codes, descriptions, resolution

    Here is a list of Error Codes for Windows Store apps, sourced from Microsoft MSDN. It gives the code, message, causes along with description and suggested workaround or resolution method.

    Description: The provided package is already installed, and reinstallation of the package is blocked.
    Details: You may get this error if installing a package that is not bitwise identical to the package that is already installed. Note that the digital signature is also part of the package. Hence if a package is rebuilt or resigned, it is no longer bitwise identical to the previously installed package. Two possible options to fix this error are: (1) Increment the version number of the app, then rebuild and resign the package (2) Remove the old package for every user on the system before installing the new package.

    Description: The package couldn’t be opened.
    Causes: The package is unsigned, The publisher name doesn’t match the signing certificate subject, The file:// prefix is missing or the package couldn’t be found at the specified location.
    Suggestion: Check the AppxPackagingOM event log for more info.

    Description: The package data isn’t valid.

    Description:The app can’t be started because it’s currently updating.

    Description:The package deployment operation is blocked by policy. Contact your system administrator.
    Causes: Package deployment is blocked by Application Control Policies, Package deployment is blocked by the “Allow deployment operations in special profiles” policy. One of the possible reasons is a need for a roaming profile. See Deploy Roaming User Profiles to set up Roaming User Profiles on user accounts. If there are no policies configured on your system and you still see this error, perhaps you are logged in with a temporary profile. Log out and log in again, then try the operation again.

    Description: There isn’t enough disk space on your computer. Free some space and try again.

    Description: The package can’t be downloaded.

    Description: The package can’t be registered.

    0x800700B – ERROR_BAD_FORMAT
    Description: The package isn’t correctly formatted and needs to be re-built or re-signed.
    Workaround: You may get this error if there is a mismatch between the signing certificate subject name and the AppxManifest.xml publisher name.

    Description: The package can’t be unregistered. You may get this error while removing a package.

    Description: The user canceled the install request.

    Description: Package install failed. Contact the software vendor.

    Description: Package removal failed. You may get this error for failures that occur during package uninstall.
    Description: The package couldn’t be found.
    Possible Causes : You may get this error while removing a package that isn’t installed for the current user.

    Description: The app can’t be started. Try reinstalling the app.

    Description :A specified install prerequisite couldn’t be satisfied.

    Description: The package repository is corrupted.
    Workaround: You may get this error if the folder referenced by this registry key doesn’t exist or is corrupted:HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentV ersion\Appx\PackageRepositoryRoot. To recover from this state, refresh your PC.

    Description: To install this app, you need a developer license or a sideloading-enabled system.
    Debugging: You may get this error if the package doesn’t meet one of the following requirements: The app is deployed using F5 in Visual Studio on a computer with a Windows Store developer license, The package is signed with a Microsoft signature and deployed as part of Windows or from the Windows Store, The package is signed with a trusted signature and installed on a computer with a Windows Store developer license, a domain-joined computer with the AllowAllTrustedApps policy enabled, or a computer with a Windows Sideloading license with the AllowAllTrustedApps policy enabled.

    Description: The package couldn’t be installed because resources it modifies are currently in use.

    Description : The package couldn’t be recovered because data that’s necessary for recovery is corrupted.

    Description : The signature isn’t valid. To register in developer mode, AppxSignature.p7x and AppxBlockMap.xml must be valid or shouldn’t be present
    Possible workaround: If you are a developer using F5 with Visual Studio, ensure that your built project directory doesn’t contain signature or block map files from previous versions of the package.

    Description: An error occurred while deleting the package’s previously existing application data.
    Cause: You get this error if the simulator is running. Close the simulator.

    No details found.

    Description: An error in a system binary was detected. Try refreshing the PC to fix the problem.

    Description : A corrupted non-Windows binary was detected on the system.

    Description: The operation couldn’t be resumed because data that’s necessary for recovery is corrupted.

    0x80073CF3-ERROR_INSTALL_RESOLVE_DEPENDENCY_FAILEDDescription : The package failed update, dependency, or conflict validation.
    Causes: The incoming package conflicts with an installed package, A specified package dependency can’t be found, The package doesn’t support the correct processor architecture.
    Debugging: Check the AppXDeployment-Server event log for more info.

    Description : One or more arguments are not valid If you check the AppXDeployment-Server event log and see the following event; “While installing the package, the system failed to register the windows.repositoryExtension extension due to the following error: The parameter is incorrect.”
    Cause: You may get this error if the manifest elements DisplayName or Description contain characters disallowed by Windows firewall; namely “|” and “all”, due to which Windows fails to create the AppContainer profile for the package . Please remove these characters from the manifest and try installing the package.

    Description : The package couldn’t be installed because the Windows Firewall service isn’t running. Enable the Windows Firewall service and try again.

    Description : No signature is present in the subject.
    Cause: You may get this error if the package is unsigned or the signature isn’t valid. The package must be signed to be deployed.

    Description : A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which isn’t trusted by the trust provider.

    Description: A certificate chain couldn’t be built to a trusted root certification authority.

    Description : The SIP_SUBJECTINFOstructure used to sign the package didn’t contain the required data

    Description : The packaging API has encountered an internal error.

    Description : The package isn’t valid because its contents are interleaved.

    Description: The package isn’t valid because it contains OPC relationships.

    Description: The package isn’t valid because it’s missing a manifest or block map, or a code integrity file is present but a signature file is missing.
    Workaround: Ensure that the package isn’t missing one or more of these required files: \AppxManifest.xml and \AppxBlockMap.xml. If the package contains \AppxMetadata\, it must also contain \AppxSignature.p7x.

    Description : The package’s AppxManifest.xml file isn’t valid.

    Description : The package’s AppxBlockMap.xml file isn’t valid.

    Description : The package contents can’t be read because it’s corrupted.

    Description : The computed hash value of the block doesn’t match the has value stored in the block map.

    Description : The requested byte range is over 4 GB when translated to a byte range of blocks.

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    Very nice collection of Error codes and Descriptions. Read this article about Troubleshooting knowledge base . Rather than having to deal with the frustration of dealing with a problem, a good record of a Error events and analysis and key events can save a lot of time. It will add to the knowledge

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