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Thread: How to receive Remote Assistance Support from Microsoft

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    Default How to receive Remote Assistance Support from Microsoft

    Remote Assistance Support from Microsoft allows a Microsoft support professional in another location to view your computer screen and work on your computer over a secure connection.

    Microsoft Support uses the Enterprise version of LogMeIn Rescue as the primary Remote Desktop Assistance tool to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues. LogMeIn (LMI) Rescue is a 3rd party remote assistance product that is currently used to provide remote support to Microsoft customers.

    Get started at

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    I would like to receive remote support from microsoft in regards to my windows 10 upgrade.

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    Default Similar here

    Quote Originally Posted by Marquita View Post
    I would like to receive remote support from microsoft in regards to my windows 10 upgrade.

    Every day in the morning I walk my daughter to school, on Thursday at school they needed
    some special information so I arrived back home around noon. I usually leave my laptop
    working, never happened anything wrong so I did not expect it to happen this time as well.
    I arrived around noon. When I came to my laptop, there was many of the ikons on the
    Platform missing. There wqs the pop up window that the actualization was successfully
    installed. I tried to launch some stuff but it did not launch anything. It was visible that the
    laptop was newly restarted and at this while I did not expect anything wrong. I tried to launch
    google chrome and I tried to open a folder with photos. The folder opened but nothing
    launched inside and the browser did not launch even after half an hour...
    So as the first thing to do when something has a problem, I restarted the laptop. But oh oh...
    After Windows started to launch, just before the sound of launching and before Windows
    asking the password, the computer froze... At this while I was starting to think that there is
    something wrong... I had to restart it hardlw as just pushing the swithc off for few second did
    not work. After few times switching it on and off (by removing battery), the laptop found out
    that there was a problem. As I don't speak very well, I was trying to find the best solution and
    I found a choice to restart the computer from the point of recovery from few days before. The
    instalation back to this point of recovery took about one hour but finally hurray, the laptop
    But that is all. After the Windows 10 launched, I realized that there is almost all the data from
    hard drive C missing. The day before there was just 1,5GB empty (out of 250) and in that
    moment it was 220GB... The instalation except completely breaking the system erased the
    most of the data from the laptop.
    Now, almost nothing works. And I can't reinstall everything from the basics as I do not have
    the DVD with Windows10, and it does not let me to reinstall the other stuff like Google
    Chrome, Opera browser, all the programs that I had installed. This is easily solvable if I
    completely re-install my laptop - for what I would need a DVD with Microsoft Windows 10.
    As I originally had Windows 7 and I got the instalation in March (well, at this time as well
    WITHOUT asking if I want to change Win7 for WIN10!!!) when MS proposed Win10 to all
    owners of older systems, I do not have the instaling DVD neither a code for installation. So is
    it possible to get installing DVD - I can bring you my laptop to show you that it originally
    really had Windows 7 original version.
    However, except of this, which makes me more sad, it erased also all my data. Photos, videos
    of my little daughter... I did not save last year of all the stuff so I completely lost it. I was able
    to recover some part of it but I would say it is something like 10 percent of all that I lost. I
    write, I had written three books, one of them needed last few pages - and it is lost completely
    as I did not find it even with the recovery programs. This and loss of the photos and videos
    made me real psychical and especially EMOTIONAL scar that is not possible to solve by
    ANY of your software. And I don't know what I will say to my daughter as I use to make her
    one big photoalbum for every year... This time I won't be able to do it - well, thank to really
    bad actualization of Win10...

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    i would like to ask assistance

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    i would like to know how to ask for assistance when and if I needed. TX.

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    I am new to this thread . I hope the problems of all of us will be resolved

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    how to get in touch with microsoft technical assistance team?

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    What is the 6 digit number asked for when requesting remote assistance

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    Remote assistance is okay when you are already on the same network, you would have some additional security via VPN, RADIUS, wifi, etc. The benefit of a GoToAssist is that you can connect both to attended, or unattended sessions without having direct IP access to those machines. We use GoToAssist for remote support purposes and direct users to a website to connect. If we need to get on their machine again, it can be "pinned" so that we can login again without interaction, that process requires local admin rights and a user prompt.

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    what is 6-digit code: it seek when we try to access remote assistance service

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