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Thread: Windows 10 uninstall and replace with Windows 8 on new laptop?

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    Default Windows 10 uninstall and replace with Windows 8 on new laptop?

    I have had it with Windows 10 and my question is, having bought a new HP laptop with 10 installed, can I uninstall it and install instead an earlier version of Windows from CD?

    Briefly, I've used computers for 30 years and I have a desktop with Windows 8 which is fine. This brand new laptop is driving me insane with problems of interest connectivity, DNS address problems, proxy server problems so on. I've used a help service which ended up resorting to system restore and I've looked at various solutions online but frankly the expectations of the customer are now outrageous. If I bought a new car and could not rely on it but had to spend days in the garage fiddling about, staring at the manual and searching for solutions, I and thousands like me would return the car and perhaps sue the manufacturer.

    I hope someone from Microsoft reads this because my next and permanent solution to future computing needs is going to be Apple all the way.

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    If you have the Windows 8 installation media and its Product Key, yes you can install Windows 8 clean on your Windows 10 laptop.

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