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Thread: Remove a windows integrated office keyboard shorcut

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    Question Remove a windows integrated office keyboard shorcut

    For some time now office happens to open even those it is not installed on my PC. I did some research and found that ctrl+win+alt+shift shortcut opens the "new" office windows app and installs it automatically without prompt. I was wondering if there was a way to disable or completely remove the shortcut.

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    You can uninstall this Ofice hub by using the command on PowerShell

    Get-AppxPackage *officehub* | Remove-AppxPackage

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    You can remove individual shortcuts in the Customize Keyboard dialog, reached by clicking File > Options > Customize Ribbon and then clicking the Customize button in the bottom left corner.

    Because there are literally hundreds of default shortcuts in Word, it would be most efficient to determine which particular ones are causing your format to change, and remove only those. If you can isolate the exact key combinations that cause problems, there's a way to find the commands those shortcuts execute:

    Press Ctrl+Alt+NumPad plus sign. The cursor changes to a four-lobed figure, Image
    Press the shortcut key(s) in question. The command won't be executed, but the Customize Keyboard dialog opens with the command name shown in the Commands box and its shortcut(s) shown in the Current Keys box.

    To remove that shortcut, click on it in the Current Keys box and click the Remove button.
    For your other question, no, there is no provision for having a File menu instead of the separate page.

    Rick Bale

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