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Thread: After Vista upgrade, Bluetooth stopped working

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    Default Re: After Vista upgrade, Bluetooth stopped working

    "alp" <> wrote in message
    > Sinner you're a Saint!!!!
    > I went to Dell's website. I downloaded whatever drivers sounded like
    > they had something to do with Bluetooth, and now it works!!!!!!
    > Thank you so much!
    > There is only one small difference, though not a big deal.
    > Before I upgraded I would activate Bluetooth by first turning on
    > wireless (Fn+F2), and then the Bluetooth icon would appear in the system
    > tray in a dull color.

    My Gateway C-142XL uses Fn+F6 to toggle Bluetooth. It's my experience that
    there aren't many different makers of certain peripherals. All touchpads,
    for example, use Synaptic's drivers. Perhaps all Bluetooth transceivers
    follow similar lines.

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    Sir, not all OS has same Navigation, in case of Vista you may manual turn one of the wireless devices off rather completelly turning off wireless via Fn+F2 key of your dell...

    Please go to network connection and turn off which ever network device u r not in need of...

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    Choto Cheeta -

    When I follow your directions it says BT is disabled, but it does not turn off the lit-up BT icon in the system tray.

    It used to be that I could right-click the BT icon in the system tray, click disable, and it would change from a bright blue and white to a dull blue and red. Then I could right-click on it, click enable, and it would light up in blue and white again.

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