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Thread: The End of Windows

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    Default The End of Windows

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    Chris Geerlings Guest

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    Everything evolves


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    So computers will be more like humans than . I know a lot of people who are out in the cloud . LOL

    The idea does sound promissing . To have all your data in space and be able to use it anywhere .

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    Yes everything evolves; so will Windows!

    Midori, a derivative of Singularity is a new Microsoft operating-system platform that supposedly supersedes Windows. Midori is in incubation, which means it is a little closer to market than most Microsoft Research projects, but not yet close enough to be available in any kind of early preview form. What’s also interesting about Midori is who is running the project. One-time Gates heir-apparent Eric Rudder is heading up the effort. Midori is being incubated under Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie’s wing. When and how Microsoft will roll out Midori is still a question. Will Midori make it as Windows 8 ? Will it carry the brand name Windows, after all ? That is another question !

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    the wharf rat Guest

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    In article <>,
    HappyAndyK <> wrote:
    >Midori, a derivative of Singularity is a new Microsoft operating-system

    Wow, check out those melons.

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