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Thread: Google has taken over my computer

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    Frederick Guest

    Default Google has taken over my computer

    I am a new owner of Windows Vista and when ever I turn on my computer and my
    home page starts to load Google interupts and displays a message that the
    address is to long and can't be found. This is particularly annoying as I
    have used this home page for years. It also intercepts some my book marks and
    does and displays a new search page. I have unistalled the Google Desk top as
    I thought this was the culprit but am having the same problem

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    A new owner, you say ? Could it be some pre-installed trial programs or crapware ? You might have to de-gunk your PC in that case. I suggest you use PC-DeCrapifier and additionally run a 3rd party anti-spyware too. Spybot or a-squared are good freeware.

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