I recently upgraded my operating system from xp home edition to vista home premium 32 bit. My computer has an AMD 64 bit 2700 mhz dual core processer with an nvidia quadro fx570 graphics card. I have 4 gigs of 800mhz ddr2 ram installed. The mother board is an MSI 1000 mhz bus.

I have 2 DVD burners installed (1 Optiarc DVD RW model AD7201 and Plextor DVDR model 810SA)

When I bought the Vista upgrade, a notice came with it that I could request from MS the 64 bit version of Vista Home premium. I chose to get it because I do a lot of CAD work on the computer (Solidworks 2009) and I have a 64 bit copy of the program that I would like to install and use.

My problem is that when I set my CMOS up to look at the DVD first that it apparently cannot see the 64 bit installation disk that I got from MS. The computer gets to the point where it is looking at the DVD drive and simply locks up at that point. I booted up in Vista 32 and then went to the DVD drive to see what the DVD looked like and neither drive can pull anything up. both drives just keep hunting like they are looking at an empty drive and nothing comes up. I upgraded the drivers for these drives and still the same problem.